WRX Spot Weld Fix

Jan '16

Ah, Subaru... you made such a fun car, but skimped on some real important production quality!

The bracket holding the clutch pedal is (cheaply) spot-welded to the flimsy firewall. This starts as just a clutch pedal with some extra compliance, but by the time I acquire the car, it turns into spot weld breakage and a non-functional clutch pedal!

You can see my feeble first attempt to (as suggested by forums) drill two welds and replace them with bolts. Too much work and arm yoga into the dashboard.

I decided to instead drill the remaining welds, hold them with clecos (used in the aerospace industry and our FSAE body team), and rivet the bracket to the firewall with aluminum, corrosion-resistant rivets.

I also made sure to select the correct rivet size that will withstand my heavy clutch foot...

Ask me about:

  • how the WRX drove before I fixed this
  • the horror stories I've heard and barely avoided
  • my endeavors into arm yoga inside the dashboard
  • how I chose my rivet size
  • how buttery the shifting was after my fix