My "Good-Enough" Workbench

Feb '17

I needed a workbench, so I built one. 'Nuff said.

Matthias Wandel had a video that showed a method of using dowels to give his joints extra rigidity, so I had to try it. What a beautiful mind that man has.

I designed the dimensions to take a 24"x48" surface, so I wouldn't have to cut the panels that I bought at Home Depot.

Home Depot should really sponsor me for how much money I spend there.

Overall, this workbench is a pretty standard build that any beginner can start with. I need to change those crappy casters, though.

Ask me about:

  • how awesome Matthias Wandel is
  • how to clean up extra wood glue
  • the amazingness of Home Depot's cutting service
  • how messed up the top surface already is