Vintage City Bike (lemon)

Dec '18

A vintage restoration! The kind of build that got me started on building in general!

I've always had a soft spot for old things that work beautifully. This bike, made in 1975 by my own estimate, was a great candidate for a Christmas present.

The process is always generally the same - disassemble, strip, repaint, then get everything to work again after 30 years of neglect.

Notable accomplishments for this guy are:

  • Working through the pre-standard sizes of EVERYTHING

  • New favorite paint

  • Keeping that OG 1981 Bicycle License (?!) sticker

  • Getting the old 3-speed hub to work

  • Nicknaming her Lemon

Working on this bike was a treat, here’s to hoping it lasts another 30 years.

Ask me about:

  • how paint works

  • #10 machine screws

  • how gloriously old this bike is

  • where she sits now