The final look:

The process:

Jeep Keyless Entry Pad

Jun '16

I've locked myself out of the Jeep enough times! It's time for a change.

Ford makes all of its cars with keypads to get into the car. Why don't all manufacturers do that??

I spent a lot of time designing the circuitry for this project. Mounting the actuator, making the plate and wiring up everything was the easy part. I used IP64 rated momentary, rotary and DPDT switches, and sealed everything using silicone caulk. The cheapest part of this project was the $5 actuator, believe it or not!

Ask me about:

  • my first time getting locked out
  • how expensive my switches were
  • how many Dremel cutting wheels I went through
  • the 3/4" drill bit I used on a drill press