Jeep Chassis/Bumper Repair

Mar '18

I got in a front-end collision in the Jeep, and it mangled my front bumper and bent the chassis a bit. I cut off the bent parts of the chassis and welded sleeves onto it, and then built a new bumper for it.

I used the same thickness of steel for the chassis sections and the new bumper. My stress and displacement analyses of the bumper under a collision and a pull force are shown.

There's not a whole lot to say about this build - it's pretty straightforward. It took about two weeks of long weekend sessions and some weekday work to finish up.

I found all of my material in the scrap area of my metal supply store, so this was *relatively* cheap, coming out at about $150. I've got a good amount of steel left from this project, so I'm pretty happy with myself!


Ask me about:

  • welding without a jig
  • D-ring sizing
  • how this paint job went