Hydroflask Strap

Jun '18

This strap was a gift and stands as my first feeble foray into leathercrafting. The retaining ring is a bent and welded piece of 3/16" round steel stock, and the strap is made out of 8oz (I think?) veg-tan leather. I took a ton of pictures and no video for this project, and I think the pictures tell the story pretty well.

I first bent the round stock in a circle near the diameter of the Hydroflask in a way that would snap over the lip. Some custom pieces were welded on for the closure and the strap, and the whole ring is ready for paint!

The strap was cut out in a way that made it easy for me to stitch and finish later on down the line. I changed my mind a bunch of times before arriving at this shape. I wrote out the initials in Sharpie and traced them onto the leather to be imprinted with my handy leathercrafting tools. Some dark brown dye inside the letters, a nice honey brown dye on the rest, and a clear coat over everything finishes the surface!

Stitching is my favorite and most relaxing part of leatherworking, and this project had a quick stitching phase. No idea if the doubling up on the single stitch helps with strength or durability in reality, any ideas?

Assembly was quick as well - I was flying through this last phase as I was out of time! I hope the paint holds up with the limited curing time I had, and I'm excited to see how the leather breaks in!

Ask me about:

  • the nerve-wracking experience of leather working
  • dirty welds
  • paint curing time
  • leather breaking in