Bed frame + Mattress

Jan '18

Bed setups are expensive! I've been hesitant about purchasing yet another bed. I'm spending a third of my life in it, but it's so expensive!

Instead, I'll make one.

I found this write-up about creating a duplicate of a Casper mattress - essentially, you're paying a huge markup for the name, where the foam material is readily available. I ordered the different types of foam that are used in Casper mattresses, and made my own gourmet, hand-glued, home-brewed foam mattress! Check out the video - I'm proud of it.

I'm 23 years old - I'm too old to be sleeping on the ground for longer than 4 months... For the frame, I just did some CAD and FEA, and bought a metric Jeep-ful of metal at the store, then let my imagination run wild. Yep, that's velcro holding the wood slats onto the frame. ON THE PLUS SIDE, this bed frame doesn't squeak and will last way longer than that IKEA junk!

Total cost: $350 (mattress) + $130 (frame) = $480

Ask me about:

  • working with that much spray adhesive
  • how I applied pressure to the foam
  • welding without a jig
  • the shiny new angle grinder wire wheel I started using
  • "walking the cup"